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Moycarkey Borris GAA Club Plan 2015:2020

posted 5 Mar 2015, 08:06 by Ed Donnelly
Huge swell of support for Moycarkey Borris GAA Club Plan 2015:2020

On Friday evening February 6th in the modern surroundings of the new Moycarkey Borris Community and Sports Centre a huge crowd of in excess of one hundred and thirty people came from all parts of the Parish to lend their support and opinion on what should go into the Moycarkey Borris GAA Club Plan 2015:2020 which will point the way forward for the next five years.

The meeting was opened by Club Chairperson Liam "Gus" Hackett and after welcoming everyone, Gus gave a background to the planning process pointing out the five key parts to the plan namely; Club Administration, Coaching & Games Development, Communications & Culture, Facilities & Development, and finally last but not least Finance & Fundraising. Gus highlighted the momentum already behind this planning process for example a focus group of 50 local adults met in January and considered a number of key questions specific to this process, the original proposed steering committee was enlarged to a more representative inclusive group of 15 persons and chairpersons of each of the 5 task areas are now in place. These 5 task areas will require a task group and already these task groups are starting to take shape.

Friday night last was the next important step and everyone present was asked to consider a series of questions structured under each of the five task areas. The response from everyone present was most encouraging and engaging and a clear consensus emerged in a number of areas. The data captured on the evening will be considered in detail by each of the task group committees over the next two weeks, with each task group meeting separately. Then the 5 chairpersons of each task area will draft their sections of the Club Plan. Priorities will be identified and timescales will be applied, then the persons or groups charged with responsibility to deliver the parts will be identified. This process will conclude before the end of February. Laurenz Egan, Chair of the Club Plan Steering Committee will be responsible for bringing the parts together and completing the other elements of the Club Plan. This draft Club Plan will be put before the Steering Committee in March and then will be circulated for comment. Then the plan will be published and launched.

Before concluding Gus Hackett wanted to congratulate those involved with Moycarkey Borris Community & Sports Centre on the great work they have done to make their state of the art facility a reality and it is encouraging for our GAA Club to know that we can make our dreams a reality too. Next Laurenz Egan, Chairperson of the Steering Committee, addressed the meeting and directed the attendees through the technical process of completing the tasks for the evening which were segmented into ten minute timeslots. Laurenz pointed out that the evening was about thinking about what can be done, a wish list if you like. This process took a little over an hour. Once the data was gathered up at the end of the workshop Laurenz Egan made a presentation to bring the large group assembled up to date in terms of where our planning process is, specifically in two key areas, the first Facilities & Development which is being headed up by Michael Shiner Heffernan and the second area of Finance and Fundraising headed up by John Corcoran..

During this presentation the group were informed of the huge support from the vast majority of the community to see a new Clubhouse and improvement to our existing grounds. (In fact on the night 96% of those surveyed said yes to a new Clubhouse). This overwhelming support was also demonstrated at the focus group held in January. More than words, Laurenz informed the meeting that sizeable donations had already been pledged from members of the business community and many households to supporting this drive to see the facilities of our Club improved, including a new Clubhouse, hurling wall and amongst other things an electronic scoreboard. This is a remarkable achievement for a Parish and a Community and it demonstrates the collective appetite to see the development go ahead.

Laurenz was also pleased to inform the meeting that if we decide to progress with this project that our own Sean Ryan of Ryan Architectural Solutions, (Horse & Jockey) has agreed to take responsibility for undertaking the design, drafting and drawing phase, to give us a proposed picture and a costing for a club house and development of our grounds.

Laurenz went on to share the findings of his research over the previous four weeks and he pointed out that a state of the art, modern and modest development, fully kitted out with associated services would be likely to cost in the region of €200,000. If we were to redevelop the original pitch, add a hurling wall with all-weather surface, landscape the roadways and pathways and add some fencing & lighting the spend could increase up to €300,000.

At this point Laurenz sought to address the Finance & Fundraising part of our Club Plan. This section of the plan is being overseen by John Corcoran and the meeting was firmly informed that the regular fundraising and finance sources such as the Club Lotto and the County Draw will have to continue to be supported to ensure the day to day expenditure of the Club is provided for. Entirely separate to this and additional to this our Club will have to fundraise to realise our new Club house, and it can be done in one go.

It was proposed that if every household were willing to give an additional contribution of €2 per week and to make that contribution for a period of ten years, then every household would have pledged over €1,000 to the Club towards realizing this ambitious plan. This ‘pledge a grand’ initiative would have a series of payment options, where some households would make the contribution in one payment (and many have already made that pledge), others would choose to pay it in 2,3,or 4 years. Others may take between 5 and 10 years to make the pledge. Households will be actively encouraged to try make the payments over a period of 4 years or less as there could be tax benefits to the Club and it will reduce the need for borrowings if the cash flow can be gathered sooner. It’s a big ask and it will not be easy but there is a tremendous support to see Moycarkey Borris GAA Club enhance its facilities and a new Clubhouse would be worth the effort.

Separate to this ‘pledge a grand’ initiative, the business community will be approached, this sector of our parish and community have been very generous in the past and but for their support our Club would not be in the sound financial position it currently is. It is hoped that they will answer the call also and pledge their support to this development.

Separate again is the targeting of grant funding and this too will form part of the funding structure that will realise this ambitious project

The meeting was informed that there may also be a requirement for a loan facility and there may be a Club debt incurred but it is envisaged that debt would be kept to a minimum if we are successful with our three strand fundraising initiatives; namely 1. fundraising through the ‘pledge a grand’ initiative, 2. sponsorship and donations from the business community and 3. grant funding.

A series of task group meetings will be taking place over the next two weeks to go through the data gathered on the evening, as well as to consider again the data collected in January. The result of these deliberations will be the key component parts of our Club Plan 2015:2020 which it is hoped will be ready for launch in late March.

Our Club has a great deal to be proud of and the great work of those gone before us and those actively working today in Club will be built on. The next big event will be the launching of the plan and it is hoped that a similar large crowd will come out again to support that.

Laurenz Egan thanked everyone for their honest effort and particularly thanked his colleagues on the Steering Committee for the drive and enthusiasm that they have brought to this planning process and wrapped the meeting up ahead of schedule with the wise Irish saying; Ní neart go cur le Cheile.